Update - Build

Hello all,

An update has been released. Here is a list of everything that has changed.

  • Main Menu GUI has been redesigned.
  • Resources now give three times the original amount of resources. This was done in order to make the game feel like less of a grind. You now gain 6-9 resources, compared to the original 2-3.
  • Removed "i to close" from base GUI.
  • Wood income has been added.
  • Lumber Mills have been added. These provide daily wood income.
  • Reduced idle animation speed of all colonists.
  • Removed debug game restart.
  • Slightly adjusted base GUI colors.
  • Slightly decreased the size of base GUI.
  • Camera will now zoom out when the build menu is opened, so that it will fit the screen properly.
  • Camera will now zoom back in when the build menu is closed.
  • Changed the sprite for "Building" in the build menu, it now matches the game's font.
  • Fixed trees not glowing at the top when in gathering range.


The Departure.exe 73 MB
Feb 15, 2018

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